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Pray to the Lord of the harvest…..


“First of all then I entreat you to pray for Kings and all those in authority….live peaceful and quiet lives under God, who desires ALL come to become saved and to the knowledge of the truth.” This passage, found in 1 Timothy 2:1-4, highlights an organizational thrust at MissionConnect. We believe that spiritual progress is made when the Spirit of God is petitioned on behalf of the very will of God.. We know it is prayer support  which holds the key for any ministry success. We are constantly asking for prayer – and continually in prayer-  on behalf of the nations. Prayer is first made for the leaders, and then, for need. Finally, it is the very heart of God to see all men saved which drives us toward prayer. For, how is this even possible? For man, it is impossible. But for our God, NOTHING is impossible. Please pray with us – pray, for us. We depend on it. Please consider partnering with us in personal and corporate prayer. We thank you!



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Become a Volunteer…

Hours served – mission goals – realized success!

One of the principal reasons in starting a BAM ministry like MissionConnect Inc., was to be able to work alongside people with a same passion people- those willing to utilize their skills in refurbishing homes, carpentry and general desire to serve – in order to grow our resources for international missions. Every hour served by a volunteer, means we get closer to realizing a successful global ministry training! 

Do you have a desire to give time as a MC volunteer? We have needs in several areas, including administration, general service, cleaning, delivery, and development of volunteer teams. Please contact Mike, or Alan, at 719.428.8525 to make your desire to serve this ministry a reality. Love God and serve His people. Together, we mission better.

Become one of the 100…

100@$25 Campaign 

“From 4 years old to 94,” we want to partner with God’s people across the spectrum. From a Sunday school class offering, to the retiree on a limited income, we want to invite a strong contingent of participants with whom we can journey as God leads this mission.

MissionConnect invites you to join us as a donor of 1 (or more ) $25 monthly units. When you give, we are able to run effectively the race to which we have been called. Your donations impel us as we train leaders to become disciple-makers, who in turn, make disciples. Your participation helps us to empower them to grass-roots, gospel-centered service in Jesus name.

Thank you! 

Michael Contreras 


100@25 Partners

Build the Building…


“A gift for generations to come”


Similar to the BAM center we’re planning to construct in Colorado Spring (See model in photo), we are following the Lord’s call to build one in Burundi. The main idea would be to take 4-7 established profit-making businesses and move them into a training center compound. During this movement a foundation is formed from which the mission training activity is strategically funded throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Good news! The BURUNDI INITIATIVE is now underway! We are combining the vast experience and resources of the various organizations and personnel, and have created a strategic goal for MissionConnect to provide the initial $150,000 of the needed capital to begin the construction process in 2021!