The Burundi Initiative  

 IN 2019 I was meeting with a donor and discussing the idea of doing a business-as-mission (BAM) project in Burundi, Africa with our local connection and national director of Every Home for Christ (EHC), Evariste Harerimana.

The main idea was to take 4 to 7 established profit-making businesses currently paying space rent, move them to a secure but advantageous compound. By paying rent for space at this compound, a foundation is structured which when in operation, governs the facilities and oversees the sustainable mission giving to the leaders trained in the central space. (Pictured below left, is the working model in central Mexico)


As the Coronavirus swept through the world in 2020, the realities of this happening seemed unlikely. However, due to extreme in-country devastation (see picture at left), many have reached out to us and more attention than ever has been put on making our BAM center a reality in 2022.


The Burundi Initiative is now underway! We are combining the vast experience and resources of the various organizations and personnel, and have created a strategic goal for MissionConnect to provide the initial $250,000 of needed capital to begin the construction process. 


Utilizing the partnership platforms which allowed the model in Mexico (see photo directly left) to gain traction, we are employing the necessary resources and leadership to see this a success on behalf of God’s kingdom work for generations to come.  

What is needed now is time to promote the initiative, for God’s people to here the need, and a resounding movement of the Holy Spirit to lead people to participate with generosity.

Please pray with us that God would continue to provide what he has called us to in this endeavor. His will be done on Earth as it is in heaven according to his great riches in glory in our Lord Jesus Christ!

This is where you come in. 

A generous donor has already donated the first $50,000 towards this project. That means from the start, we are already 20% funded. But we need your participation to meet the goal and move this to completion!

  • Initial Startup Costs: $250,000 20% 20%



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