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Who We Are

See, I have done a new thing in the land…these words from God’s word rang in my head day after day as I pondered the requests to start a business as mission (BAM) project in Colorado Springs. My co-founder and I duly followed the move of the Spirit and set out on a journey to start this non-profit, propelling marketplace profits toward international ministry training opportunities.

What has transpired has been nothing short of miraculous. God has allowed us to form an incredible team of directors, volunteers, and businessmen to make this vision a reality. The Lord Jesus be praised for His Spirit and His steady nudging, constantly guiding us to new avenues – giving us the ability to act in focused compassion. We hear His voice, and follow!

What Motivates Us

 The question that started it all: “How do we keep our young ministers from leaving the field and never returning?”

MissionConnect is driven to respond to the call for long-term, sustainable, and generational funding for international ministry training. The ultimate goal is to see the training of our young leaders turn into sustainable ministry impact in the communities they serve.


– We practice prayer as a life-giving source of connection to Jesus (John 15:6).

– We uphold professional business practices focused on integrity and workmanship (Titus 2:7-8).

– We are workers of God’s kingdom – called to proclaim His name unto the world (Mark 16:15).

How We Do This

MissionConnect raises funds through four streams:

1. Short-term real estate investments.
2. Home service projects with volunteer engagement.
3. Donor and partner acquisition. 
4. Grant and foundation applications.

All of these create the necessary funding for building and outreach projects. We engage and empower local volunteers to help raise mission funding by sharing their serving gifts with us. We compassionately seek enduring partner relationships to drive Christian leader development!

Where Is Our Impact?

We are in various stages of partnership with training centers in five strategically-located countries. Our vision is that these bases will reach their surrounding regions. MissionConnect carries out its mission aims through a partnership with Base Ministry. This training organization, based in Chicago, supplies our necessary ministry training and logistical processes – setting up the coordinating church partnerships and certification of national trainers to amplify discipleship. In addition to our international outreach, we have also trained in a number of domestic locations.

Our Ministry Partners

We are followers of Jesus...

…investing in real estate

We are followers of Jesus...

…renovating homes

We are followers of Jesus...

…training leaders

We are followers of Jesus...

…spreading the gospel

A Personal Thank You

Your interest in, and participation with MissionConnect Inc., is an eternal movement. We recognize God’s sovereignty in designing this organization and entrust ourselves to His will each day as we endeavor to follow the path He has set before us. But, it is people, relationships and community which matter most here at MissionConnect Inc. Our guarantee is to put people before program, mankind in front of mission – imitating the very premise for life found in Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you for your faithful commitment to joining us as we seek to inspire and resource future generations of organic, Christ-focused ministry around the globe by way of business enterprise and YMI training.

Mike Contreras

Mike Contreras