Equiping Christian Leaders

Gospel Ministry Training

MissionConnect is a strategic partner with Base Ministry (St. Charles, IL). With this partnership, we spread the gospel through the equipping of leaders within a church context. Participants finish the program with a well-designed ministry plan, top-level ministry training, and readiness to actively share their faith.

The training helps them pursue whatever ministry God is calling them to, whether music, sports, education, AWANA, a pastorate, or much more, because it is designed to help them be effective in their calling. Each participant will gain confidence from Scripture as they learn how to share a Biblical gospel, how to lead people to Christ, how to work through ministry conflicts, and more.

Burundi Congress 2022


BAM (Business as Mission) Training

This training is an introductory and invitational “congress” which allows us to build the necessary connection between business and church leadership. At MissionConnect, we are predicated on the collaborative models of creating resources and sustainability for the homogenous international fields.

Our training sets up the concepts of BAM, shares our history with BAM, and delineates several current working models around the globe. The intention is to give the field leaders as many opportunities as possible to create a BAM which best fits their cultural context.

The participants in our congress will be put in various scenarios and asked to create a tenable working solution for their local use. In effect, a new BAM ministry is often the result of the hands-on workshop.

The interactive nature is very engaging and creative.

Men, women, pastors and businessmen – all leaders in differing segments of Bujumbura life – united in a common purpose.