Equiping Christian Leaders

One of the main ways MissionConnect addresses the problem of lack of workers is training. Our desire is to train future leaders for maximum gospel ministry impact and create platforms to sustain them for the long-term. We focus this effort by providing the following training options.

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1. BAM (Business as Mission) Training

This training is an introductory and invitational “congress” that allows us to build the necessary connections between business and church leadership. At MissionConnect, we are always striving to replicate successful business models that create resources in the international communities we serve.

Our training explains the concepts of BAM, shares our history with BAM, and explores several current working models around the globe. The intention is to give the field leaders as many opportunities as possible to create a BAM that best fits their cultural context.


Interactive, creative, and engaging
business plans!


Men, women, pastors and businessmen – all leaders in differing segments of Bujumbura life – united in a common purpose.

The participants in our congress respond to various scenarios and create tenable working solutions for their local use. Often, the hands-on workshop results in a new BAM ministry. Ultimately, the program is successful when adoption of the BAM strategy results in accelerated mission activity and gospel impact.

2. Gospel Ministry Training

MissionConnect is a strategic partner with Base Ministry (St. Charles, IL). With this partnership, we spread the gospel through the equipping of leaders within a church context. Participants finish the program with a well-designed ministry plan, top-level ministry training, and readiness to actively share their faith. Topics covered include:

  • Sharing the gospel
  • Conflict resolution
  • Defining Christian leadership
  • Building and sharing a testimony
  • Developing gospel relationships
  • Forming a ministry plan
  • Developing a ministry prayer life

In addition, Base Ministry offers appendix trainings in VBS, sports ministry evangelism, mission trips, and art ministry. 

These trainings help leaders pursue whatever ministry God is calling them to – music, sports, education, AWANA, a pastorate, or much more – because they are designed to help them be effective in their callings. Each participant will gain confidence from Scripture as they learn how to minister biblically.

Burundi Congress 2022

MissionConnect is empowering Christian workers to gain confidence in sharing their faith in the communities where they live. By equipping and certifying key national leaders (like Burundian leaders Evariste and Lenus pictured here) in a cultural region, we advance gospel impact with more certainty of complete clarity.

3. Sports Ministry Training

With our training partners, Base Ministry and Base Sports, MissionConnect offers a sports ministry training as part of our leadership training program. Base Sports uses the High Power sports camp curriculum. Internationally, this ministry tool is regularly used in our leadership training as our “outreach’ practicum.

Through that outreach, MissionConnect fulfills its vision to equip and empower international ministry partners for gospel impact. The churches we sustain gain useful tools for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development. All over the planet, our sports ministries stimulate church growth as an implement of bringing Christ and the communities together through the local churches we serve.

If you are looking to serve in a DOMESTIC RURAL sports ministry outreach in the USA, click here for more information.