One of our early acts as a non-profit corporation was to embrace local outreach and leader training opportunities. What began as a hope has now blossomed into a force for gospel impact through multiple connections with domestic ministries.

In 2019, MissionConnect funded and trained our first “domestic rural” sports evangelism training – partnering with the intern team from Base Sports. Additionally, the vision to bring non-US and bilingual trainees from other countries began to take shape. By 2022, MissionConnect began a regular commitment to bring young disciples from a ministry in Mexico to share Jesus with thousands of youngsters during an 8-week summer internship. In 2024 we are looking to train and sustain four young people from Africa who have now applied to this effort.

As we have grown, it is marvelous to watch God allow us to partner with various community outreaches, such as, Love Your Neighbor (LYN), Springs Rescue Mission Catering, and Trinity Fitness. All of these were driven by relationships made in the course of ministry.