Latin America

While contemplating Latin America, we were looking to solidify the Spanish-speaking nations of this area into a project region for MissionConnect. Now having worked, trained, or sustained efforts in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Peru we are now focused on two major sub-regions: Mexico (and the Caribbean), and South America. In the Mexico region, we expand it even further by adding future countries throughout Central America where we have a training connection including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. For the time being, MissionConnect is focusing our South American region on our on-going sustainability and training partnership with Base Peru.

2024 marks the year we are prioritizing a new BAM training movement in each of these regions. Key components are the similarity in Latin customs as well as compatibility of our Spanish training connections. These allow for excellent communication and cross cultural understanding.

MissionConnect has invested heavily in Jonathan Peralta (far right) as he trains and sustains the next generations in Mexico and Central America.

One of our greatest joys is seeing the BAM carpentry center take center stage among the Pur’epecha people. This ministry shares Jesus through woodworking.