JINJA, UGANDA – MissionConnect president Mike Contreras began his long history in Uganda in 2012 when he invited a young evangelist, Abraham Bagalya, to join him in Burundi for a regional sports ministry training. Through the years, Mike and Abraham have grown a trust relationship through evangelism and discipleship outreaches in East Africa. Additionally, Mike and Abraham began working to construct a BAM farm and other sustainability projects near Jinja.

For the past two years, MissionConnect has recommitted to investing in Abraham and his family as they focus on bringing sustainability models to the people of Uganda. Currently, we are helping fund an “organically sustainable homestead.” In this project, Abraham has adroitly designed a small property to be a model for family sustainability. He is capturing rainwater to irrigate and using rabbit feces to fertilize his organic fruits and vegetables. Adding solar power in the future makes this a one-of-a-kind small agrarian homestead as a model for more ministers to follow, allowing them to live completely off their property and serve for the long term. We collaborated on this project starting in 2022, with the hopes of completing it in the early stages of 2024.

With this home, Abraham will be able to start prayer ministries for community believers, offer extra food to those in needs, and train those in ministry throughout Uganda on this sustainability model!

In this video, Abraham explains his water conservation efforts as well as the planned biodigestor for composting.