I was living Mexico from 2006 until 2014 and I miss it dearly. So much of my life changed having known this people group and many dialects and joys they can bring to those who live among them. From the amazing smiles of the children attending our sports ministry camps, to the hours spent studying the language and culture, Mexico brings out both the best and worst in those trying to tame it. Like so many countries I have had the privilege to serve within, Mexico brought pain and suffering, joy and laughter – a cosmic tension of culture clashes and palatable colors, of norm distress and hospitality like no other. Given the names, “Tio Miguel,” “Coch Maik,” and “Guero Miguel,” I prodded, encouraged and exhorted the youngsters God put in my care to know and follow Jesus. Through auspices of the sports ministry, to the leader training and outreaches, my time in Mexico was journey of progression. One of the bright aspects of my time there was the relationship with my friend and co-laborer Tom. From the onset, I was linked to him in a rather strange symbiosis. While we came together often, it was the origination and completion of his doctoral dissertation which finally brought our time to the apex. The BAM Center – Puebla was the concept – the building an idea, but the partnership a growing reality. As we set out to find land, we talked regularly and decisively that this was the future of missions in the 21st century and beyond. Soon after, land was purchased and the crumbled ruins of someone else’s dreams were being ushered out one wheelbarrow at a time…





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