In 2019, we set out to build a BAM center movement in Colorado Springs. However, we were stopped in our tracks by the Spirit of the Lord, who has asked us to instead focus our efforts in the tiny country of Burundi, Africa! At this time, we are ardently following the Lord’s call to carry out the will of God in this BAM Center project. The main idea would be to take 4-7 established profit-making businesses and move them to a coordinated property to carry out their respective businesses. The essential piece to this center of business is Christian leader training center, which doubles as a Bible school, and aa church planting incubator. The latter is forwarded through the profits of the rented spaces, thus giving a long-term, sustainable, and generational gift to those whose heart is to spread the gospel to sub-Saharan Africa. I have been privileged to take this model, authored by a friend through his doctoral dissertation. Having spent considerable time and effort in helping build and support a successful model in central Mexico, I now am embarked on carrying this overseas to reach the many countries of the East African Community (EAC). This initiative is now underway! We are combining the vast experience and resources of the various organizations and personnel God has sent to us, and, have created a strategic goal for MissionConnect to provide the initial $150,000 of the needed capital to begin the construction process. But how is such a sum raised? Who is involved on the host-country end? God, in His glory provides the answer. A generous donor has provided a $50,000 match gift to get this started. God duly brought us into a strategic partnership with New Horizons Foundation, which can serve the need through connectivity the public charity market. Finally, our on-field relationship with Burundi pastor, trainer, businessman Evariste Harerimana. “Eva” and his wife Goreth, have successfully been utilizing BAM structure through Amohoro Handcrafts Burundi. The consortium of MissionConnect, this couple and the myriads of trained Church planters and trainers provide the ingredient segments to construct and aptly steward this BAM which will serve the entire region with ministry training in theology and business!